Monthly club

Do you want to place a regular order but still receive all the hostess benefits including free catalogues?

Then joining a monthly club may be perfect for you.

Each person agrees to join the club for 10 months and spend a minimum of £15 on current Stampin’ Up! products every month. If you prefer a shorter club, you can join for 6 months and spend a minimum of £25 per month. This will guarantee that the monthly order will be £150 and therefore be eligible to earn the hostess benefits.

When you join, I allocate you a hostess month. The 10 members of the club take it in turns to be the virtual hostess. When it’s your hostess month, you will receive the associated hostess benefits of at least £25 to spend on any goods of your choice, including the subsidised hostess items at the back of the current catalogues.

You don’t need to do anything other than email me a monthly order, the goods are delivered to me and I
 package them up and post them out to all the members via royal mail or you are welcome to collect if you are local.

If you plan to make a large purchase, it makes sense to purchase these items in your hostess month to increase the hostess benefits for yourself. You may wish to ask friends and family if they would like to add to your order, as this will increase the totals too! If the order total comes to £300+ you will get £50 hostess pounds as well as the chance to choose any item from the catalogue at half price!

Sales total excludes delivery charges of £4.95 / € 6,50

Whilst you are part of the club you will receive a hard copy of all current catalogues and be able to benefit from any special offers that Stampin’ Up! have on during your time in the club.

The goods are ordered on 1st of the month and payment is taken on the same day.

I email out to all members during the last week of the month to ask what they would like to order ready for the 1st of the month. I then contact the hostess for that month and let her know the exact total of orders placed and ask how she would like to spend her hostess £££’s.

There is a monthly delivery charge from Stampin Up! of £4.95/ €6,50 which I will split amongst the members. Everyone will have 50p added to her monthly order. You are welcome to collect your order from me once they have arrived and have been bagged up.

If you prefer to have your goods posted every month there will be an additional monthly charge of £3 per person. The goods are sent by first class post via Royal Mail. If the postage cost is more than £3 I am happy to pay any shortfall apart from your hostess month when you are required to pay the full cost of postage if posting.

All orders and payments will be processed on 1st of the month.  You can register a credit/debit card with Stampin’ Up for your purchases - this is probably the easiest method of payment. You can also send me a Paypal payment (please mark as gift to avoid charges) or a cheque or bank transfer if you prefer. If you would like to collect your order from me in Eastcote, there is no additional postal cost. If you would like your order posted to a UK address, the cost will be £3.00 (payable by PayPal/Cheque/Bank Transfer). I will cover the cost if postage is higher than this. If it is your host month and I am posting your items out, you will be charged the full postage at cost, Royal Mail First Class.

If you would like to join the next club, please can you confirm back to me with your details including delivery address, postal address, contact telephone number and your chosen payment method. I will then allocate your hostess month and pop all current catalogues in the post to you.